• Meditation Can Be Messy – Let’s Talk About It

    These days, it seems that everywhere you look meditation is being sold as “the silver bullet” that will fix all our problems. However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Real meditation can be messy and no one’s really talking about it. So, let’s talk about the messy stuff. This information is not to discourage you(…)

  • 30 Zen Quotes to Blow Your Mind and Open Your Heart

    Zen sprouted up in China in the 6th Century AD and took root in Japan some time later. It is thought that the early teachings of Taosim, around 800 years earlier, and teachings from the Mahayana Buddhist tradition from India, laid the foundations for the teachings of Zen to originate. The word ‘Zen’ is a(…)

  • How to Reduce Stress and Get Your Zen on When Traveling

    Do you enjoy travel? Who doesn’t, right? Do you get easily stressed or know someone who does when it comes to packing their bags and hitting the road? No doubt, a bit of stress and excitement is part of the package – yet I thought I would share with you some tips & tricks I’ve picked(…)

  • How to Release Back Pain at Home…

      Do you experience regular back pain? I know I have and occasionally still do. I am human after all.   Expecting pain to be cleared from the body forever is simply unrealistic. The body, like life, will always be changing states. It will move from being pain-free and at ease to feeling tight and(…)

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3 Supplements I’m Always Packin’

3 Supplements I’m Always Packin’

I’ve been travelling a lot over the last three years… One of the main teachings of travelling involves how to LET GO of any attachment to your “stuff”, as well as the ongoing practice of stripping away the non-essentials. In regards to health, I have managed to identify my TOP 3 HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS that have proved the(…)

3 Simple Mind-Body Health Tips

3 Simple Mind-Body Health Tips

  1. Break a sweat at least once a day I’m not talking about a dripping, waterfall of sweat – I’m talking about just a mild break of sweat – that feeling like you’re flushed through with heat. Try walking briskly around the block, walking up a hill, hitting the gym, attending an invigorating yoga class(…)