Michael Hetherington (BHlthSci, TCM, Yoga)Michael Hetherington

Michael is an author, teacher, yoga instructor, martial artist and a practitioner of traditional Oriental medicine.

He is originally from Brisbane, Australia and can now be found bouncing between Australia, Thailand, Bali and Germany.

Michael is passionate about self-health care, Oriental philosophy applied to modern living, self-directed education and embracing the human potential.

He holds a Bachelor of Health Science from Charles Sturt University, an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and a level 2, yoga teacher certificate from the Byron yoga centre. He has been teaching yoga since 2008 and was a lecturer of Oriental medicine and Chinese medical massage (Tui-Na) at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences from 2014-2015.

In his early twenties, he suffered from regular migraine headaches, depression and chronic lower back pain, which he overcame primarily through the practices of yoga, relaxation and meditation.

Michael was always attracted to eastern philosophy and it was this interest that drew him to the teachings and practices of yoga, martial arts and Oriental medicine at a young age. After traveling to China to teach English for a year, he returned to Australia in 2004 to begin studying Chinese medicine, remedial massage and practicing Oki-Do yoga (Japanese yoga form developed by Dr. Masahiro Oki) under the guidance of Peter Masters.

Inspired by the teachings of many he has learned that a lighthearted and nurturing approach to life serves best.

Michael’s other interests include music, dance, circus arts, reading, traveling, spending time in nature & drinking cups of tea.


Michael Hetherington

Bachelor Degree in Health Science

Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture

Diploma in Chinese Remedial Massage (Tui Na)

500hr Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

Laughter Yoga Leader Certification


Extra Studies & Trainings:

1000+ Hours of Sitting Meditation Practice

50+ Days in Noble Silence

1 Month Shaolin Kung Fu Training at Tienmeng Academy in Shandong, China

4 Years of Capoeira Martial Arts Training

10+ Years of Yoga Practice – Hatha, Vinyasa, Oki-Do, Yin & Yang, Meditation

Ongoing Trainings in Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Qi Gong & Tai Chi

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

Structural Alignment & Bowen Therapy

Applied Kinesiology Studies (Touch for Health & Applied Physiology)

Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) & Energy Psychology

Oki-Do Yoga Training & Intensives

Buddhist Arts & Asian Psychology University Studies in Japan


Industry Associations:

Yoga Alliance RYT 500

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology



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  1. Have you thought of writing a book specifically targeting older people whose bodies need some social care and direction? I’m a 77yr. old woman, living in California, who plays golf 4X a week and hesitates to get involved with vigorous exercises or yoga, because they seem specifically designed for athletic people 60 and younger (!)

    1. Thanks for your message. I would highly recommend Tai Qi and/or Qi Gong. These practices are perfect for older bodies. They are soft on the joints yet strong enough to get all the systems going. They also train the body and lungs to breathe more efficiently and effectively.

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