My Top 15 Anti-Aging Tips

Just a quick post for you today.

Here are my TOP 15 anti-aging tips:


1. Don’t watch the news

2. Sit on the floor at least once a day

3. Go outside for a walk every day

4. Laugh often

5. Don’t take yourself (or the world) too seriously

6. Study the words of the mystics

7. Don’t follow the crowd

8. Eat a variety of food and only eat to 80% full

9. Keep learning, reading & trying new things

10. Dance whenever you can

11. When others move you deeply, tell them

12. Wake up early and do some kind of self cultivation practice

13. Don’t waste time arguing or talking to fools

14. Learn to enjoy your own company

15. Say “thank you” from the heart every day


Blessings 🙂


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