The 3 Step Healing Process

I have recorded a video blog for this one just to mix things up a bit. If for some reason the video is not working for you, I have got all the information from the video in written form also which is available below.

Okay, so in this post I’m going to talk a little bit about the healing process. So this is in reference to and relevant to any modality or training that acknowledges Qi or Prana in the human being so that means things like acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, martial arts and many forms of meditation. So for convenience sake, I’ve managed to squeeze it down to three steps for healing.

The first step is to move out or flush out any stagnant Qi in the body.

So there’s a tendency for the human being to hold on to things for various reasons, mainly out of fear really. So we hold on to strong emotional experiences. We hold strongly onto beliefs, opinions. We hold on to potentially past trauma, past stories, past events. And what this tends to do is it creates like block or a tension inside our energy fields which inhibits the flow the smooth distribution of chi throughout our body. And if this is left untreated or undealt with for a very long time or for a long time it starts to manifest on the physical body so it starts to manifest as disease in the body and in the mind psychological disturbances can also result. So, therefore, the first focus in your healing process and our healing process is that we’ve got to move this chi, remove any stagnation in our body, in our mind and in our energy fields.

The second step is to purify Qi.

So, the purification of chi tends to happen automatically as you keep moving chi through you. Naturally it starts to become finer and finer and starts to become a better quality of Qi coming through. Other things to help the purification of Qi is like good food, good thoughts, good attitude, good understanding, helping other people, serving other people. Things like this also sort of enhances the purification of the Qi and brings in a finer, better quality source of Qi.

Okay, so the first one was move stagnant chi. Second one is purify Qi which tends to happen mostly automatically but you know you can help it along with food and such.

The third one is called cultivating Qi or storing Qi.

And this is more focused on actually generating and storing this Qi in our system. So we can store it in the chuckrow areas. We can store it in our Qi field. And what tends to happen when we start storing this stuff is that our energy field starts to get really, really strong. Our immune system gets really, really strong. And with enhanced ability or enhanced capacity to have greater amounts of Qi available to you is that you can use it for various reasons. First one being is that it enhances healing power so when you give a healing you’ve got a whole lot more energy to give. You’ve got a whole lot more energy to fuel your treatments. Another one is that you just get, you have more energy available to you to function in your daily life.

Generally the struggle that most people experience with life is because instead of pushing their Qi into life or they’re running on an empty, empty storage of Qi. They just don’t have much Qi available. So they’re really struggling through life but when you have a huge amount of Qi available. Like you’re really moving through the world in a very sort of strong way that’s not struggle. It takes on more of a fluidity, more of a smooth flow of life.

And the other thing about it is that when you’ve got a large amount of Qi available to you any thought, any intention, and any prayer that you have is charged and when you have, when you hold that thing in mind it is charged full of Qi and then that Qi sends out a ripple throughout the universe, throughout the cosmos so it is so much stronger. And, therefore, these things will manifest and you’ll have a stronger influence on the world. If your Qi is weak and you have an intention or a prayer it just doesn’t have much power behind it so the likelihood of it manifesting or the likelihood of it becoming actualized is greater reduced.

So, that third stage though is actually quite an advanced stage. And it does take, you probably need a couple of years or many years first moving your Qi and purifying your Qi first and the the storage and cultivation of Qi tends to come later. And in some cases for many people it may actually be a good idea to sort of step away from society for a short time. Not a short time, for a while and that’ll give you the chance to sort of build your Qi back up. And then once you’re Qi is really strong your, most people get a tendency to be drawn back into society and to function with that higher capacity in place. It’s really hard to get a strong Qi field and to really purify your Qi when you’re sort of stuck inside society’s norms and just exposed all the time to media and all those sorts of things so they don’t help build your Qi. They actually probably potentially are designed to weaken your Qi. So, therefore, the third stage is more of an advanced stage.

Okay, so just to summarize the first stage of healing is you’re got to move stagnant Qi through your body. The second stage is purify Qi. And the third stage is start to cultivate and store your Qi.

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