What is E.F.T.?

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E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a form of mind + body + energy psychotherapy.

Traditional psychotherapy focuses on the mental layer and uses talk therapy primarily. Whereas the E.F.T. approach uses talk therapy while also working on the physical and energetic layers at the same time because an E.F.T. therapist sees them as intrinsically connected. We can access the extra layers of the mind, the physical and energy bodies by working with the acupuncture meridian system.

Acupuncture points are little pools of accumulated energy that are located on the meridians that run throughout the body. The meridians are described like rivers that distribute energy and life force around the body. In Chinese medicine they are called meridians, and in the yoga’s of India, they call them nadi’s.

With E.F.T., we can trigger healing by tapping on the acupuncture points which triggers a flush of energy and blood throughout the meridian system.

What makes E.F.T. unique compared to acupuncture or other energy medicine techniques, is that it has a conscious mental/emotional component added. Therefore making it potentially an effective treatment in a counseling and psychological context.

When a stressful state occurs in the body due to a traumatic event, the bodies energy systems can easily become “programmed” into a stressful state. So when the thought of that traumatic even is brought up again in the present, the body returns to that same programmed state. That’s why when we think of a past trauma, we instantly re-live that same stressful feeling.

Talking about a trauma, without addressing the underlying physical and energetic imbalance in the system, is often unfruitful and progress is slow.

However, if we address the physical and energetic imbalance in the meridians that is related to the traumatic event as soon as possible, the emotional intensity of that stressed state tends to dissolve and all associated unpleasant feelings, emotions and negative thoughts tend to disappear very quickly!

How does this happen?

  1. Firstly, we bring to mind a stressful thought or feeling which will quickly trigger an unpleasant energetic state in our body and meridian system.
  2. Then, we acknowledge the unpleasantness, and start to tap on the key acupuncture points.
  3. Then, we use some very focused words and sentences while we tap on the acupuncture points to help dissolve it and clear it from our system. (A trained therapist, like myself, can help you with this.)

What we find is that after following this procedure over a number of minutes, the intensity of stress around the stressful thoughts or the past traumatic event dissipate dramatically. In some cases all emotional intensity around the event dissolve completely, right there and then.

When we tap on the acupuncture points while holding a trauma in mind we are stimulating and re-organizing the meridians system to restore energetic balance, therefore “snapping it out” of its unbalanced, stressful program. After a series of sessions working with the E.F.T. technique, it has been found that same person brings to mind the previous traumatic event, there remains little to no emotional intensity or stress around that event.

This approach has been found to be very effective when working with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Body aches and pains that are still present after traditional medical testing and treatment have not provided relief


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Here is a great video about E.F.T.

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