3 Simple Mind-Body Health Tips


1. Break a sweat at least once a day

I’m not talking about a dripping, waterfall of sweat – I’m talking about just a mild break of sweat – that feeling like you’re flushed through with heat. Try walking briskly around the block, walking up a hill, hitting the gym, attending an invigorating yoga class or having some steamy, afternoon sex – whatever gets you going! – Breaking a sweat is very supportive of overall circulation, heart health, lungs, breathing and digestion!


2. On waking up, drink something alkaline

It can be anything you have available – I generally prefer a hot green tea as hot drinks are great at stimulating metabolism first thing. It can also be green juice, lemon water or a hit of coconut water. Anything alkaline will do! Drinking something alkaline first thing in the morning makes the body “smile” and helps to flush out the liver.

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3. Dance and jiggle yourself around for 5 minutes, at least once a week

Dancing and jiggling your body around is a fun way to release “stagnation” in the body. According to Chinese medicine and yoga, stagnation is the first initial stage of disease as it indicates energy and blood blockages in the tissues, organs and joints. Stagnation is often experienced as feelings of being “stuck,” mentally, physically and spiritually, having pains in the body, feeling tired, bored, having a foggy and unclear head and other symptoms associated with mild forms of depression.


The Good News is, Stagnation is Very Easy to Clear!


The Chinese, Qi Gong method is to slap and lightly thump parts of the body to release stagnation. However, another way to do it, and is a lot more fun, is to jiggle around and dance yourself about.

Put on your favourite danceable music, set a timer of 5+ minutes to keep you at it, and then proceed to let loose and bounce yourself around the room – it’s totally fun and invigorating! For the full affect, make sure both your feet are coming off the floor!

Dance and jiggle yourself around at least once a week to help keep yourself flowing and help clear out any build up of stagnation.

You’ll feel much clearer and free flowing afterwards – try it out! Let loose!

Remember, life is meant to be fun!

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