Sadie Nardini Online Course Review: The Yoga of Success

A few weeks ago, I completed one of Sadie Nardini’s online courses on

The Yoga of Success: Messaging Marketing and Money


The course involves a panel-like discussion with Sadie Nardini herself and two of her business colleagues and wisdom advisors, Tyler McCoy and Ava Taylor, where they laid down “The 10 Steps to Success.” They targeted yoga teachers, however, I feel the info they shared is applicable to all business owners, in particular, those who are looking to build a personal brand.

The 10 Steps They Cover Are:

  1. Dissolve Your Money DiscomfortSadie Nardini Yoga Weight Loss
  2. Add Value and the Money will Follow
  3. Brand your Weird
  4. Get Clear
  5. Do it Yourself
  6. Make Relationships not Business Transactions
  7. Get Socially Smart
  8. Get Organized/Build a Team
  9. Get Passive
  10. Money Loves Structure and Freedom


I absolutely loved this course so much so that I gave it an easy 5 stars.




 1. Firstly, they tackled head on the common disconnection between living and working in the yoga, spiritual, new age industry and the issue with making and generating money. Often people sabotage their success because there is often a teaching or myth that money and spirituality can not co-exist. Or that being spiritual and yoga vibed, will not include wealth. This is complete nonsense, and they bring clarity and energy to the issue.

2. Secondly, I just felt high from watching it. There energy and vibe are infectious, and they make you feel like you are very welcome into their circle and their energy. It feels like they are genuinely offering a support network and that they care about your success.

3. Thirdly, I love how Sadie Nardini owns her uniqueness and encourages us to do the same. In step 3, they focused on how to “Brand Your Weird”. The core message here is that it’s good to be different and if you can hone in on understanding your differences, it will help you develop your message and therefore, your brand. I totally love this! There is nothing more uninspiring than another yoga teacher (or business person), doing what everyone else is doing! Being unique and owning it is what makes you more valuable and attractive to potential clients.

They encouraged us to get clear about who we are, what we are about and to drive that home as this is one of the major keys to success when it comes to personal branding.

Other things they talked about and encouraged was why skilling up with technology is important, how to build a team and how to generate passive income streams. All valuable information.


The only thing that I found a little disappointing is that it ended so quickly. It would be great if Nadie Sardini and her team where to suggest where to go next or have some next level course for ongoing support and business training.


However, all in all, it’s a great course full of good vibes and valuable information.

Highly recommended for all yoga teachers (newly qualified as well as experienced), therapists, healers, personal trainers, artists or anyone looking to build their personal brand, find their true voice and make Sadie Nardini Rockstarmore money and success doing it!




Check out The Yoga of Success course here on

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