10 Ways to Build Your Inner Qi Power

1. Get real

Getting real means being in the present moment. When we are fantasizing about the future or thinking about the past, our life force drains and weakens us a little. When we are firmly present, in the now, the life force continues to feed back into itself and starts collecting Qi power. Own your present state. Own your present feelings. Be aware of the inner observer and the energy of presence. This is where your greatest power is. Over time and with ongoing practice, being present gets easier and easier and the more you practice it, the more Qi energy will collect within your physical and energy bodies, which you can then harness and direct later.


2. Withdraw from social norms and expectations

When we buy into what society advises us to do with our money, our lives and our attention, we are not living with our own truth, but taking on the program of society, which is largely designed to take our power away. When we get grounded in our present moment and are fully aware of our inner power, we will find that we will choose to live a life very different to social norms and the majority of people.


3. Avoid the news, newspapers, commercial radio stations and commercial TV

All of these information streams are full of negative and stressful energies designed (mostly due to lack of understanding) to weaken our life force and program our minds with jibba-jabba nonsense. In order to build our life force up and re-program our minds to something more beneficial, positive and helpful, we need good solid time away from these streams in order to give ourselves the best chance of breaking out of it.


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4. Let go of caring about what others think

Most of our behaviours are set up to please and be accepted by others. Caring too much about what other people think causes the solar plexus to tense up, and it also rattles the energy in the heart chakra. These reactions send out a stress response through our bodies, weakening our life force.Horse Stance


5. Horse stance for at 10 minutes a day (x2)

This practice helps to ground our energy, builds up Qi and helps to store it in the lower dan tien (sacral Chakra), located just below the navel.


6. Find an exercise that builds bodily strength, flexibility and enhances concentration and mindfulness

I always recommend yoga, Tai, Chi or martial arts. I recommend these ones mainly because they have an element of developing mindfulness which helps to connect the body and mind. Slamming ourselves in a gym while watching TV and playing on our phones, does not build help to connect the body with the mind. Also, when starting out, experiment, try a few different places and teachers. Eventually, you will come across an exercise and teacher that will just “click” for you. Once you find that – go for it.


7. Be clear about what it is you want and concentrate on it

Do not allow your attention to waiver too often or for too long, otherwise you will never be able to follow through and nail what you are going for. Do one thing at a time – eat when eating, walk when walking, read when reading… Make it simple and you will be surprised how much more effective you can be!


8. Meditate and give yourself plenty of time out to smell the flowers

Sometimes making ourselves busy is just fooling ourselves into thinking we are being productive. Having spare time is “productive” in its own way. Also, you don’t have to sit in formal meditation posture to meditate. Meditation can also involve just sitting and letting our thoughts and emotions pass through us, like we are just watching clouds.


9. Work for yourself

This means to either run your own business or operate as a subcontractor. When we work in this way we are in control of how we conduct our business, we get to choose when we work – which is in accordance with our bio-rhythms and energy levels, we are able to be creative and we can charge what we are really worth. When we work for others we hand over our power and adhere to their policies and rules, have to work according to their timetables regardless of the natural rhythms of life, are limited in what we can earn and often we are unable to be creative or flexible.


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10. Get out of and avoid debt

Don’t spend more than you have. Spending more than you have is living in a fantasy and it therefore takes our power away. When we get ourselves out of debt and start generating income streams from our own creative action, we naturally start to generate power as we come to master the physical plane. When we have mastered the physical plane, which often simply means having more than enough money to do those things that enhances our inner Qi and enhances the Qi of those around us, we can move our attention more freely into the subtler realms of mind and spirit.