Meditation Can Be Messy – Let’s Talk About It

These days, it seems that everywhere you look meditation is being sold as “the silver bullet” that will fix all our problems.

However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Real meditation can be messy and no one’s really talking about it.

So, let’s talk about the messy stuff.

This information is not to discourage you towards the practice of meditation, but to forewarn you that it can be a rocky path, and to help support you through those messy patches that you may encounter. The good news is, “the messy stuff” is actually A GOOD SIGN because it’s a sign of progress.


3 things you will likely experience when you go deeper into the practice of meditation.

1. You will become more sensitive

This occurs because the mind becomes more “subtle.” We will start to notice how our bodies react to certain things like images, movies, music, people and places. We may start to have a stronger negative reaction to those things, whereas before, it wouldn’t have “shaken” us as much.


2. You will start to withdraw

There will be a tendency to withdraw from the usual situations. As you become more sensitive, things will start to feel different to you like music, people, places, food and so on. This is also a period when you will start to question everything and re-asses your behaviour and your lifestyle.

This is usually the messiest phase we experience.

A lot is going on here as we begin to naturally re-asses, process and then start to re-align ourselves to those things that are more in sync with your new way of seeing and feeling. A large component of this phase is the “clearing out” of the backlog of suppressed emotions, feelings and attachments through the “letting go” practice that is always a part of any real meditation.

How long will this phase last?

Everyone is different – yet the general principle seems to be that the more you have avoided and suppressed your previous emotions, traumas, events and life experiences, the more there is to process and therefore the longer it will take. For a rough estimate, it will take 1000 days of practice.


3. Your vibration will become clearer & more steady

After a good amount of time in the “withdraw” phase, your vibration, the feeling inside, will start to become a lot more clearer, cleaner and steadier as you align towards those things that feel more true, worthwhile and authentic to you. As you begin to gain this clarity, the world won’t “shake” you like it used too and you may even find your personality is quite different. You will feel much more clearer and more grounded in your life direction.

From here, you will likely be drawn back into the world with a new sense of energy and clarity. Because of your steadier state of being, work won’t stress you out so easily, you won’t get so affected by the world and you will become more playful and fun with it.

This is a great phase and will likely last for the rest of your days. It is assured to continue if you persist with the practice of any meditation or life practice that assists you in the art of “letting go.”


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