How to Feel and See Your Path More Clearly

I stumbled across the most remarkable thing the other day. In that moment of discovery, it completely blew me away. It was one of those moments when everything you have been studying, learning, and practicing comes together into a moment of pure seeing.

So… what was it?

The other day I was going through my belongings to throw away or donate items I wished to shed before I traveled overseas. I came across a deck of cards that were colourfully decorated with affirmations written on them from Louise Hay (a famous self-help author and speaker). Previously, affirmations have been a bit of a hit and miss for me over the years, finding that most of them just don’t seem “right” for some reason. To me, it seems more like wishful thinking than actual reality or truth. And having largely abandoned the whole “positive” thinking movement and opting for more of a raw experiential approach to life, which allows and accepts both the negative and positive aspects to come through, something happened that made me stop and reconsider a few things.

On that day, I was standing up reading a few of the affirmations in my hand, and I noticed for a few of them my body started to sway forward. This swaying is something I have been working with more intensely in the last six months or so. Briefly speaking, if your body sways forward when you think a specific thing or say certain words, it’s the Qi field around and through the body/mind saying “yes” or “this is true.” When the body sways backwards, however, it is an indicator that the body/mind are saying “no” or “this is not true.” (If you want to see the sway test in action, check out this 2 minute video I put up on YouTube)


I then came to a card that stated, “I am motivated by love.” As soon as I read that in my mind, I swayed backwards…. Yikes!


This immediately brought to my attention something I was not aware of. To be honest, I was totally rattled by it and have been sitting on it ever since. I can feel and sense this working its way through me.  I have been enquiring to myself, what am I motivated by? I have since come to formulate questions for myself such as, “What would love do?” which have been melting and moving me from the inside out.

What I realized in that moment is that we can quickly and easily bring to our awareness those things which we may not even be aware of. Once we become aware of it, that’s half, if not most, of the work. Just placing awareness onto things automatically sets the adjustments into motion. With a little extra contemplation and supportive energetic techniques, we can really shift ourselves into a new state of awareness.

Another profound realization was that it brings to our awareness what we have already successfully processed and worked through. For instance, if I read the statement, “I forgive myself and all those people who may have harmed me,” and if I swayed forward, this gives me a clear indicator as to a block or limitation that I have already come to peace with and overcome on my journey.

Bringing the powerful affirmations and statements together with energetic sway testing provides us a clear and powerful glimpse into our true inner state. It shows us where we have been, what we have successfully processed and where we are heading next. It is so simple, so eloquent, and so truthful.

Using these two practices together can save us a lot of confusion and time, for it gives us a clear picture as to where to place our attention in order to move through the next limitation of our conditioning.


So simple.


I recommend you give the sway test a try for yourself to start getting the “feeling” of a yes or no response. Once you have gotten that general feeling of a yes or no response, start to read a few of the statements I have written below. Feel free to copy, paste and print them out if that would work better for you.

Affirmation statements:

My life flows with ease.

I trust my intuition.

I trust myself.

I am willing to love myself.

I am learning to be more creative everyday.

I give myself permission to let go.

I forgive myself.

I am willing to forgive others.

I allow only supportive relationships into my life.

I surround myself with people who treat me well.

I lovingly take care of my body.

I lovingly take care of my mind.

I lovingly take care of my emotions.

I lovingly take care of my spirit.

I am safe.

I accept and allow goodness into my life.