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This post is an excert from one of my latest books “Super Guide to Self Publishing: Amazon Kindle, Createspace, Smashwords

 A few months ago I went through an intense period where I was researching and experimenting (and still am to a lesser extent) with “neuro stacks” to help me produce a more focused and productive writing flow. Neuro stacks are a new term to describe the utilization of cutting-edge nutritional supplements to enhance brain function. It’s an incredibly interesting area to look into, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to enhance their physical and mental performance.

What I have found that gives me great focus and a buzzing energy that helps me to write for hours on end is taking a combination of amino acid supplements, protein, and omega 3’s. I take L-tyrosine soon after waking, again around lunch, and again in the late afternoon. Tyrosine helps support kidney function, increases dopamine levels, and keeps my energy up and humming all day long. I also take a good dose of omega 3’s, and on some days I will also take one gram of Acetyl L-Carnetine to gain a clearer head, and I have also found that if I take it before a yoga class or before any exercise, it gives me razor-sharp focus. I obtain my supplements from because they have a range of good-quality products, good prices, and they are quick to deliver in most countries around the world.

Having a mega protein shake at some point during the day with blueberries (good for eyes), bananas, whey protein powder, and anything else I have around nourishes my body and gets me back into the zone quickly. Of course, coffee also helps to kick things into gear, but it can be easy to have too much and become scattered and lose your ability to focus – so go easy on the coffee. When you take amino acids like tyrosine, a lot of people lose the attraction to coffee because they find themselves humming along with a good amount of energy as it is, and therefore coffee can lose its appeal.

Other amino acids and supplements worth trying to enhance your writing include:

– L-Theanine (induces a relaxed yet calm and alert state)

– Gingko biloba

– CoQ10 for a good supply of energy all day long

When I know I’ve got a lot of words that I want to pump out, I make sure my day is not busy with any appointments or arrangements. Soon after I wake I begin taking my supplements, do some gentle yoga stretching to awaken my body and then I get stuck into the writing. I get up every two hours or so to make food, have a protein shake, take more supplements, go to a yoga class, or go for a walk to help relax my body and calm my mind.

I wish to share these ideas and discoveries as much as possible because I can see how we would all benefit from becoming more self-dependent in our working lives and I see publishing books to be a very key part of that process.  To learn more about writing and how to self publish effectively on a budget, check out my book.

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