Super Reading 30 Day Challenge

I’m going to read at least 10 books and watch 20 TED talks in 30 days. I’m going to do a series of tests before and after to see what areas of my life have improved and what area’s haven’t.

I am testing the question:
Can reading lots of non-fiction books, in a variety of fields, automatically improve ones daily life, health, wealth, confidence & happiness?

2nd Week in Review

1st Week in Review

The Beginning

Start Date: Saturday 30/5/2015
Finish Date: Monday 29/6/2015

Results at the Beginning of the Challenge

Emotional Wellness Test (
1/21 depression (normal), 3/21 Anxiety (normal), 5/21 Stress (mild)

Stress test (
5 – 25. Average to normal level of stress

General Knowledge Test with Timer (
8/20  2min 20sec (not great)

General Knowledge Test (
73/100 (Fairly good)

IQ Test (

IQ Test (
75 (lots of math’s questions, ouch!)

Emotional Intelligence Test for Business (
self awareness 7/10, self management 7/10, social awareness 6/10, relationship management 6/10

Entrepreneur Aptitude Test (
64/100 (You generally have your eyes on the prize and you want to win the race. You aim fairly high and let little stand in your way.)

Happiness Test (
38/100 (According to your responses, you are generally the type of person who believes in the goodness of humankind.)

Fitness IQ (
50/100 (You’re standing just outside the ranks of “Fitness Guru”, so don’t stop now.)

Left Brain Right Brain Test (
54/100 (slightly right brain) but balanced

Financial IQ test (
10/92 (poor)

Weight – 86kg
Heart Rate at Rest – 63 beats per minute
Blood pressure – ?
Comfortably Run 3.5km in 30mins


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