Yin Yang Philosophy 101

Yin Yang Philosophy 101 Course Now Available OnlineI Ching Readings

The primary purpose of this course is to develop a deeper understanding of the natural forces of yin and yang and to give practical, modern day suggestions as to how to go about working with these forces rather than against them. The term or theory of “balance” is also explored, as it is not often clear as to what balance is and how being in balance feels.

Click here to access this course. The course is available online at Mind Heart Education.

Understanding yin and yang theory can bring about:

– A great reduction in stress and anxiety related symptoms

– Working in a way that is more relaxed, natural and joyful

– More meaningful relationships

– Enhanced sports and physical performance

– Enhanced creativity and intuition

– and much more…

There is a quiz inside the course that you can complete to help you have a better understanding as to whether you may have more yin or yang characteristic in your life at this current time and what you can do to bring things back to a balanced state.

Learning to flow with yin and yang sets can be one of the greatest adventures of one’s life, for when one if “synced up” to these cosmic forces, life takes on a smoother and more fluid unfolding in a way that is nurturing, supportive, and naturally produces a deeper sense of appreciation.

You will learn:

– The history of yin and yang theory

– The principles that come out of yin and yang theory

– How yin and yang theory applies to health, business, relationships and more

– If you are predominately yin or yang in nature

– How to adjust oneself back towards a balanced state

– and much more..

Click here to access this course.

What are the requirements?

  • No materials required, just a general interest in learning
  • No previous knowledge in yin and yang theory required

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 15 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Apply yin and yang pinciples to modern life
  • Understand yin and yang in a much more complete and thorough way
  • Be able to make real, practical adjustments to re-discover a more balanced way of living
  • Know where yin and yang theory came from and how it evolved
  • Know if you are predominately yin or yang in our energy levels and approach to life

Click here to access this course.


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