The 5 Element Theory

Have you ever considered studying natural medicine as a way to enhance your life and optimize your health?

Have you ever wanted to know more about the theories used in Oriental and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)?

Then this course is for you!

Learn How the 5 Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Enhance Your Health, Healing and Well Being

Available online now at Mind Heart Education.

In this course we explore the one of the oldest and most field tested theories ever developed by the ancient Chinese – The 5 Element Theory.5 Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The 5 Element theory is a framework that helps us to explain health, disease, the relationships between our organs and the connection of our body to our mind.

We will learn about:

  • The history of 5 Element theory and where it came from
  • Each of the Elements, one by one, and how they express themselves in our environment, inside our bodies and how they influence our mental health
  • How to support and nourish each Element for greater health and wellbeing
  • How to recognize early signs of disease
  • How to align with the flow of nature to support growth
  • The 5 elements and the 5 body types
  • How to work in harmony with your particular Element
  • And much more…


Inside the course are a host of videos, quizzes and downloadable handouts to support and enhance your learning.

At the end of this course you will have a good understanding as to the 5 elements and be able to apply this knowledge to treat any imbalances and/or signs of disease, as well as being able to apply the knowledge to increase overall health and vitality.

Available online now at Mind Heart Education.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 19 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Apply 5 Element Theory for Enhanced Living
  • Recognize Patterns of Disease Before they Become Serious
  • Learn How the Elements Influence Our Psychology
  • How to Treat Imbalances in the Elements
  • Work with the Elements for Greater Health and Vitaility
  • Enhance Healing and Recovery
  • Know What Element is Most Applicable to You
  • How to Support and Nurture Each Element
  • Demystify the Theories of Chinese Medicine
Available online now at Mind Heart Education.


* Please note, that all the information in this course does not substitute for medical information or medical care provided to you by your medical doctor and/or your preferred health practitioner.

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