Generating Passive Income Healers Retreat 7th Sept – 7th Oct 2017

Generating (Mostly) Passive Income Healers Retreat 7th Sept – 7th Oct 2017

Do you want to learn how to make an extra $10,000USD+ a year (MOSTLY PASSIVE INCOME) selling video courses & digital products online?


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Bali

Come and join me in beautiful Ubud, Bali as I offer the latest workshops on online marketing, how to create digital products for your clients, how to generate (mostly) passive income streams, PLUS have the opportunity to film videos and create digital products on site!

This one month immersion retreat is specifically designed for therapists, healers or yoga teachers who are looking to produce digital courses and products, serve more people (global reach) and set up a profitable online business that allows them greater freedom.


By the end of this retreat, you will:

  • Know how to create outlines for your courses or educational products that will have the content flow out of you with ease.
  • Know how and why to build an email list and how to make money from it, right away!
  • Have a number of videos and digital products that you can begin selling to your clients to start generating passive income.
  • How to create a simple step-by-step system that generates new leads for your business and helps you make money on autopilot.
  • Learn how to work, create, live and play all at the same time! 😉
  • And much, much more…



Ubud, Bali, 7th September – 7th October, 2017

I have rented a large, 3 bedroom villa which is located 10mins scooter ride from the centre of Ubud, a 5mins scooter ride from Outpost (co-working space), The Ubud Yoga Centre + Sage (an amazing health food restaurant). Also, the famous Yoga Barn is only a 10-15mins scooter ride away.


We have 2 big, master bedrooms (pictured), with AC and their own bathrooms available for rent on site (Share is possible, however we would need to organize an extra mattress for the floor, or, you can share the big bed if that’s what you’re into ;).

Those who rent one of the master bedrooms on the site will have full access to the facilities and activities, including:

  • 1 master bedroom with bathroom
  • morning Qi training (pranayama, yoga, Qi Gong)
  • daily breakfasts (eggs, fruits, tea + coffee)
  • kitchen use
  • 14 workshops (including email templates that will boost your sales)
  • filming equipment (Canon DSLR 550, tripod, boom + clip on mic, lighting rig)
  • massage table
  • the pool
  • ask me any questions throughout the day (I will be living on site)
  • any special events (party’s etc.)
  • Plus, you will get around 10hours of dedicated filming time, per week, to create and produce your digital products. (That’s around 40hrs of potential filming hours for the month! That’s could result in multiple courses and products being completed.)


Those who do not live onsite will have the option to accommodate yourself nearby and attend any of the 14 workshops or any of our special events eg. pool party’s etc. over the course of the month for a small fee. Payment details below.


Timetable Information:

I have created a daily schedule (based on the Chinese “Qi” clock) that is primarily designed to keep everyone focused, grounded and energetically supported. You are of course, free to come and go from the site as you please. You are your own master.

Monday – Saturday will be dedicated to project development, workshops, co-creating and filming. On Sundays, we will have no timetable and is open for rest and play.

Here is a basic overview of the 6-day a week schedule:

Daily Schedule (Aligned with the Chinese Energy “Qi” Clock)

07:00am – 07:45 Pranayama + Meditation + Qi Training

07:45 – 9:00 Breakfast

9:00 – 11:30 Filming + Working on projects

11:45 – 12:45 Workshop (every 2nd day)

12:45 – 2:00 Lunch + Chill

2:00 – 5:30 Filming + Working on projects

5:30 – 6:30 Pool + Relax + Optional Qi Training

6:30 – 8:00 Dinner + Chill

8:00 – 11:00 Play + Music + Journaling + Free time

11:00pm – Lights out / Be quiet. No computers! (Computers mess with heart “Shen” energy late at night)


Type of Workshops on Offer (Mainly given by myself, however, I will also be inviting guest speakers)

  1. Creating Outlines for your Courses & Books
  2. Email Marketing and Automation Systems
  3. Udemy + Online Teaching Platforms
  4. Setting up Online Payment Systems
  5. Working with Audio
  6. Working with Film Editing
  7. Social Media That Works
  8. Finding Your Authentic Voice
  9. Book Self-Publishing And Why it Rocks
  10. Film + Presentation Skills
  11. Building Online Business Funnels (Essential!) That Run on Autopilot
  12. Future Trends in Online Business
  13. Facebook Advertising and Traffic Source Generation
  14. The 80/20 Rule – How to Not Waste Your Time or Energy


Other Events

Once a fortnight: Pool Party – Yay!

Once a month: Full Moon Meditation + Yoga

Lots of events nearby at Yoga Barn (yoga community) + Outpost (digital nomad community)


About the Facilitator:

Michael Hetherington

Michael is an author, yoga instructor, qualified acupuncturist and Oriental medicine teacher from Australia.

He is the leading visionary of this project and has been creating and producing digital products and running his online business for the last 5 years. While operating as a digital nomad throughout Asia, Europe and Australia for the last 2.5 years, he has been rubbing shoulders with many of the industry leaders in the online marketing space. He is now making on average, $4-5000USD per month from his online sales alone and he wants to support the yoga and healing industry by sharing what he has learned so far.


I have observed that yoga teachers, healers and health practitioners are being left behind in the online business space. They also experience burn out and continue to financially struggle as they try and run their business using the old models of commerce. Not only does this reduce their potential to generate a healthy income that allows them to thrive, it massively reduces their ability to serve the community as a whole.

I believe that we can all better serve our clients and the global community by harnessing the online digital space if we equip ourselves with digital friendly skills and the knowledge of this new economy. I am here to help yoga teachers and healers thrive by helping them to spread the wisdom and knowledge found in the healing arts.

The truth is, there has never been a better time to set up an online business, to reach a wider audience and increase your income, immensely!

If you decide to come, I will show you how to make an extra 10,000USD a year in mainly passive income streams. And, you will see first hand, how I create an online course from start to finish and how I can make money from it within 24hours of putting it online.”

~ Michael Hetherington 




This retreat and the workshops are perfect for anyone who:

  • Is wanting to film courses and generate digital products (books included) that they can sell online to produce (mostly) passive income.
  • Is ready to get out of the pay-per-hour model and step into a model that is based on delivering value, not time.
  • Has some previous experience with being online, digital media and film.
  • Is into things like yoga, Qi training, martial arts, meditation and enhanced energy living
  • Has a business already established and is willing to take it to the next level
  • Is teachable (who is open to new ideas about marketing, money & business)
  • Wants to be able to travel the world while making money and growing your business at the same time!
  • Enjoys having fun, doing yoga, laughing and dancing while working
  • Wants to build a kick ass community, share ideas, support each other’s projects and celebrate each other’s successes



1 Main Bedroom with A.C. & Own Bathroom for 30 days (ONLY 2 available!)

Single occupancy = $1997 AUD

Share = $1200AUD each

This payment includes:

  • 1 master bedroom with A.C. + bathroom
  • morning Qi training (pranayama, yoga, Qi Gong)
  • daily breakfasts (eggs, fruits, tea + coffee)
  • kitchen use
  • 14 workshops
  • Email templates that will instantly boost your sales
  • use of filming equipment (Canon DSLR 550, tripod, boom + clip on mics, lighting rig)
  • use of the massage table
  • the pool
  • ask me any questions throughout the day (I will be living on site)
  • any special events (party’s etc.)
  • Plus, you will get around 10hours of dedicated filming time, per week, to create and produce your digital products.



Payment Options:

Before payment – Let’s Skype so I can find out more about you and your goals! Please CLICK HERE to organise a Skype chat with me (you will be taken to an online booking system – please put in decription this is about “The Retreat”)

(Limited number of rooms available so if this tickles your fancy, jump on it quick! Places will fill quickly!)


What I recommend YOU bring along:

  • A quality laptop computer with a 15″ screen with an SD card reader and a fast processor. (Check the specs online)
  • An external storage device for your computer. Video files take up huge amounts of space. A 1TB external drive would easily do the job.
  • Software like Audacity (for audio files), iMovie (for mac), or any basic to intermediate video editing software already installed on your computer.
  • If you have an HD camera you want to bring, please do. There will be a clip on mic available to use, but I would recommend getting and bringing your own if possible (you will be using it for years to come). This Audio-Technica microphone is great quality and it’s only $30USD!
  • A decent smartphone


The Workshops:

Workshops will occur every 2nd day. They will go for 1 hour each.

Everyone is welcome.

11:45am – 12:45pm. (This is best time according to the Chinese “Qi” clock to have meetings) Please, don’t be late!

14 workshop pass: $200USD (Must pre-pay. Please email me to organise.)

Drop in workshops: $20USD (Pay on the day. IDR equivalent is ok.)


For those living OFF site:

If you stay at other accommodations nearby you are welcome to come to:

  • the workshops for a small fee (OPEN to everyone)
  • to any of the special events (Pool party etc.)
  • during free time and,
  • the potential to rent the filming equipment, use of space and massage table for filming, on site only = 2.5 – 3hr blocks (please speak with me for more details)

People living on site get first preference for rental time blocks.


Tips and Things to Note:

  • Please note, due to Indonesian immigration laws, please do not share the details of this retreat too publicly (Facebook etc.)
  • This is the first retreat I have run of this kind so there will surely be a few bumps and things to iron out along the way. I will endeavour to do my best to make sure everyone is comfortable, tuned in and moving towards achieving their goals.
  • I recommend renting a scooter to get around Ubud. It will allow you to be independent and more intuitive. The roads aren’t too busy compared to most places in South East Asia. The local people are incredibly good at riding and accommodating for foreigners on the roads. Please be careful. Always wear a helmet and purchase travel insurance with medical cover.
  • There will be random bugs, geckos, lizards, and mosquitos. If mozzies love you, bring repellent that works for you. There are mossy nets over the beds and we can get fans to help us out also.
  • This is South East Asia. Things don’t always work as well as they should. Materials are usually poor quality and trade skills are not great. Don’t be surprised if things break every now or then.
  • There is such a thing as Bali time. The local people tend to operate at a different pace to westerners. They tend to be slower and more relaxed when getting around. If they say they will be there at 8, it will more likely be more like 8:30. Allow time to be flexible and enjoy the change of pace.
  • The Balanise are intensely religious people. Most days there will be some kind of parade on the streets where you will need to stop and let them do their thing. It’s actually very beautiful. Also, dress appropriately please. They are used to westerners wearing not many clothes but it still doesn’t make it cool. For men, please wear a shirt in public and for women, please don’t show too much skin. When in Rome…


More General Information about the Accommodation:

The neighbourhood

The Villa is 3,5 km from the city center, just far enough to escape the hustle & bustle of Ubud and close enough to be there in a few minutes. No motorbike noise, just the sound of nature 🙂 Enjoying walking around the rice paddies, explore the Balinese temples and native jungle. There is a big Coco supermarket just 1km away.

 Getting around

The best and most fun way to get around is by scooter, we can organize one for you for $4-5 US per day. If you are traveling with more than 2 persons you may prefer a car, to rent a car is $15-25 US per day. If you would like to have a car with a private driver this cost around $60 US for a whole day (fits 6 persons). We can also provide a shuttle service on request @ $10 per day (available until 22:00 h), alternatively, a taxi is $4.

Other things to note

Because the Villa is not easy to find for drivers outside of Ubud. Please let us manage your pick up from the airport or any other city on Bali. Just send us an email and we can organize a driver to pick you up. The drive is about 1-1.5hrs from the Airport.
There will be a charge of $10 for lost keys.





Interested but want more info? Sure, let’s talk!

Please book in a Skype with me by clicking on this link >> Book in a 30min Skype chat with me (you will be taken to a booking system) << Please, write in the description that this is about “The Retreat”


The 2nd best way to get me is: