Feeling Fatigued? Is it Stagnation or Deficiency?

In Oriental and Chinese Medicine, ongoing states of fatigue and lack of energy can really be brought down and explained as having two main or underlying causes. They are:


The Test: If you go for a walk or do some form of exercise for at least 30mins like a brisk walk (don’t go all out doing extreme and hardcore exercise for hours because this wont give you a correct indication for this test). Afterwards do you feel more alive, more energised by the exercise? Or, do you feel more tired and exhausted after the exercise?

If you feel more alive and energised after the exercise your fatigue is most likely caused by STAGNATION.

This is quite easy to address and easy to correct which is good news. Your body is designed to move and when it doesn’t get that movement it gets grumpy and stagnant. To correct, you simply need to engage in more movement. At least 3-4 30min walks every week will soon make a big difference to your overall energy levels and sense of
Chronic Fatigue Syndromewell being. I suggest walking or slow jogging because the body is best designed to walk or run over other forms of cardio based exercise like cycling etc. But in saying that, if you prefer cycling over walking or another form that’s fine, the main thing is simply to move! Try not to go all out and go to hard too soon. Slow and steady wins the race. You want to find a sense of ease and joy when you exercise so that its not a chore or a strain. If your straining then back off a little and find an easier and more joyful way to walk/run/cycle.  Start slowly and build up steadily it is much more likely that you the habit will be sustained and integrated into your lifestyle.

If you feel more tired and exhausted after you exercise for at least 30mins this is probably to be due to DEFICIENCY.

This condition is more serious and much harder to address. It is likely to be a nutritional deficiency so best advice would be to go and see a nutritionist and even get your bloods taken to see where your minerals and vitamins levels are at. Then just focus on boosting the deficiency’s with mega doses. In this state, only do very gentle forms of exercise like gentle yoga, stretching, feldenkrais, meditation, gentle walks etc. If you go hard at a gym or enroll yourself into a full on exercise program you will just be depleting your already depleted internal energy stores and I believe can make things worse. You will also most likely drop out soon after starting because it just seems ‘to hard’ as it leaves you with no energy for the rest of your day. When you get your vitamin and minerals levels up to a normal level then you can really begin to engage into a proper exercise or more energetic lifestyle program but until that time just do gentle exercise and focus on getting your nutritional levels right. Sometimes this can be corrected quickly but in most cases it takes some time, a few months at least, to get this right.

So, as you can see from reading the two causes of fatigue they are very different and therefore need different approaches to address them.

There are no hard and fast rules and this article is just to serve as a guideline. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Good luck. May the force be with you!

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