It’s OK to feel negative emotions…


It’s OK to feel anger, sadness, fear, anxiety and similar negative feelings from time to time. It’s part of the human condition.

The problems kick in when we prolong the amount of time we spend in these states. In psychology, they call it “rumination.”

Fortunately, as conscious beings, we have the ability to move through and out of these negative states when they have run themselves through. We can use observation without reaction, we can re-frame, distract or move into actions (exercise, hobbies, etc.) that uplift our moods and help us to come out of negative rumination.

Unfortunately, a majority of our social scripts, from news media, TV dramas, and adult conversations are focused on placing continuous attention on these negative states which tend to prolong them into unbalanced and unhealthy psychological territory. (Feeling good and happy doesn’t seem to produce as much drama.)

Overall, it’s ok to feel off every now and then. It’s normal and it’s healthy. However, we must be wise enough to realize that we have the capacity and power to move through and let go of negative states and into more beneficial states when the time comes.

And, it has nothing to do with outside conditions like the state of the Government. If you expect Governments to make you feel better and fix all your problems, it’s never going to happen. Do not give your power away to outside conditions. Own it.


Not only will people around you benefit from your lack of “rumination,” but you yourself will benefit greatly from owning your own shit and consciously, actively, transforming it into Gold.


Break out of the 9-5 System!

It’s hard to live a happy and healthy life when when you don’t love the work you do. And to love your work, it needs to be aligned with your heart.

And for most of us, I believe this means designing a life outside of the 9-5 grind. Why? Because the 9-5 grind belongs in the factory lines of the industrial revolution. And, those times are over…

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  1. Design a life outside of the 9-5,
  2. Get out of the pay-per-hour trap, and
  3. Travel and work anywhere in the world

One of my good friends, Estela, is hosting this amazing event. I can personally vouch for many of the presenters that are going to be there.

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You will not find this valuable info in any University or College!!

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And no, I am receiving no kick backs from this!

I just want to share the love because I know how much awesome value this event is going to offer to those who want to set up an empowered, kick ass business that they will love and enjoy.


The truth is, I’ve been out of the 9-5 system for over 2 years now and I’ve never felt calmer, healthier and more inspired.

I now only work on the projects that inspire me and I get to travel to multiple countries each year to share my work. It’s very unlikely that I will ever apply for a job or write another CV again! How awesome is that!

How did I do it?

It’s not luck.

It came about mainly through:

  • Knowledge of the new economy (digital economy / ideas as currency / time does not equal money)
  • Hanging around the right kinds of people (entrepreneurs, innovators)
  • Taking the time (6+ months) to build something significant

It’s available to anyone who has the right kind of information and has the drive to make it happen.

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Redefine the way your LIVE, WORK & TRAVEL!

Power on!