5 Signs That You’re Generally Healthy

Today, I wanted to write about some simple ways you can know if you’re generally healthy. Having some fundamental health perimeters in place can help you recognize when your system is going out of balance, and help you avoid complicated disease will crop up if left unawares.

Below are 5 ways to determine if your health is on track.

1. You have a bowel movement every single day

For 80-90% of the population, having a bowel movement every day is a good sign that your metabolism is functioning well. If you are having a bowel movement early in the mornings and/or at a regular time every day, this is an even better sign. Our bowel movements are one of the key observances we can use as an indicator of our internal health.

Ideally, a bowel movement should be easy to pass, fairly solid, brown in color, and the smell should not peel the paint off the walls. If any of these are occur and remain for extended periods, it is probably a good idea to seek support from your preferred health practitioner.

2. You don’t need to use lip balm or moisturizer

If you don’t need to use lip balm or skin moisturizer all the time, it’s a good sign your body has enough fluid and natural oils to regulate itself. Ongoing dry lips and skin are an indication that you aren’t drinking enough water, or your body can’t metabolize the fluids coming in.

During winter months and in some dry places on the earth it may be necessary to apply extra moisturizer, however, it shouldn’t be required every day or all year around.

Having very hot showers every day can also strip away the natural oils on your skin, leaving your skin dehydrated. You can try turning down the temperature of your showers or having more cold showers (especially if you live in a hot country). Cold showers are one of the best things you can do to wake up your organs and increase blood circulation.

If you require moisturizer or lip balm every day, it is likely you are not drinking enough fluids or taking in enough healthy oils.

3. You have clear skin

Clear skin is a great sign that your organs of elimination are working well, and your hormones are likely well-balanced too. The skin tends to develop pimples, boils and rashes only when the lungs, intestines, kidneys, and liver are struggling to clear the backlog of toxins. Stagnation, due to a sheer lack of exercise and bodily movement plus life-work stress greatly contributes to a backlog of toxins in the body. If this is the case, a series of strong physical workouts or hot yoga classes will often kick the system back into gear and move stagnation through the system.

Also, relaxation techniques like Yoga Nidra or restorative yoga can help reduce the stress response hormones in the body, which will enable the organs to function better.

4. You wake up feeling well rested

There are so many people spurting out the number of hours required for a good night’s sleep. This is misleading. The kind of lifestyle you live determines how many hours of sleep will be ideal for you. Generally, the more meditative, relaxed, and natural your lifestyle is, the less sleep you will need. The more hectic, busy, and toxic your lifestyle, the more hours you will need.

Ideally, get to bed before 11 and wake early with the sun. If you wake up easily and spring out of bed, it’s a good sign your liver is happy. If you are slow to wake up and feel groggy even after lots of sleep, it’s not about getting more hours, it’s about cleaning your liver and boosting your organ function.

5. You don’t crave carbs or sugars

Sure, having a bit of chocolate or gobbling down a tasty, fried carb will happen from time to time, but if you crave it, and eat them every day, it’s a sign you have an underlying nutritional deficiency.

Usually, it’s due to a lack of proteins and quality oils being available as the primary fuel source for the body and brain. When the body and brain don’t have a fuel supply available, it will crave its fuel in its fastest and easiest form – sugars. From my clinical experience, this tends to be common amongst vegetarians because many don’t eat enough quality proteins to fulfil their body’s demands.

Alcoholism can be connected to a nutritional deficiency (B3) which drives the person to seek out ways to “plug” the anxiety which is stemming from the underlying deficiency. Marijuana and many other drugs can also be used to “plug” an underlying deficiency, albeit for a short time. This means many substance addictions may not be a psychological problem, but a nutritional one. Many people who struggle with substance addictions are likely to have been born with a nutritional deficiency (due to the mother having a deficiency) and therefore, for these people, nutrition and supplementation will be an important factor in their ongoing life and development.

As an experiment, for your next meal, eat a lot of quality proteins (vego or non vego), oils, and a solid hit green vegetables and notice how long it takes for you to crave sweets or carbs afterwards. (*Consult your preferred health practitioner for more support)


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How to Increase Leg Flexibility – Super Fast!

1. Use an elevated platform to raise one leg at a time

2. Bounce gently into the stretches (dynamic stretching)

3. Rotate the body to get different angles

4. Work one side for 5 minutes before changing


Super powerful leg stretching method I learned from Kung Fu.

So much tension is held in the legs and I have found that if you have open legs and hips, the back and spine come into easy alignment.


Stretching your legs regularly will also turn you into a ninja on the dancefloor! 🙂


If you have any questions or comments, please post them up below!

How to Release Your Arms in 2 Minutes!

1.Standing, place one hand loosely behind your back and then start to fling and flop the other arm to “empty” it.

2. Bend your knees, stand one foot in front of the others to help.

3. Do this for 1-2 minutes before swapping over.


The goal is to “EMPTY” the arms of tension and tightness.

Be careful not to hurt yourself, so begin gently.

Notice how your arms feel for the rest of the day.

Repeat whenever inspired. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please post them up below!

Exploring Tantra Yoga – 3 Key Lessons

A few days ago, I returned to the world after spending nine days at a Tantra yoga retreat lead by Tantra masters, Ananda Sarita and Niten. It was one of the most powerful and transformational experiences I have ever had. I have always found that retreat style intensive training, offer the greatest opportunity for change and transformation, and this retreat was no exception.

Tantra is often associated and talked about as the yoga of sex, and in a lot of ways, it is. However, sex, as we know it in the West, and the way that is it practiced mostly these days is not the same approach as seen in Tantra. Therefore, while it does have a focus on sexual union, it offers a completely different and refreshing approach to sex.

(If you want are interested in the online course, click here)

Above is a free video of me explaining the 3 Key Lessons I learned from my experience.

1. Love, Honor & Respect

The first thing is that there’s no way of going back. There’s no way of going back to bad sex, bad communication, and dishonoring. So, I think that’s the main thing, is that it really teaches you how to treat relationships and sexual union with respect and with honor. Tantra is the science of respect, love and honor of your lover, and also your relationships in general.

2. Don’t Chase!

The second thing is when it does come to sexual union, it’s not about chasing the orgasm. So, I’ve mentioned this before in other courses and in books I’ve written is that one of the keys is not to chase orgasm because this whole thing of chasing orgasm really is a masculine, male-dominated, goal-orientated process. When you go into it with that, it’s like you don’t enjoy the journey. You’re going for the destination and missing so many other magical aspects if you’re chasing orgasm because you’re not in presence. Essentially, when you’re chasing a future outcome, you’re not going to be in presence because you’re just hankering, hankering, hankering. So, it teaches you to enjoy the journey, which is the Yin element and brings more power.

Essentially, when you’re chasing a future outcome, you’re not going to be in presence because you’re just hankering, hankering, hankering. So, it teaches you to enjoy the journey, which is the Yin element and with it, brings more power.

3. Tantra Can be Practiced Without Sex

There are many ways to practice Tantra without sexual union. There are many meditations (look up Osho meditations to get a better idea) that you can do with a friend or a loved one, or even a family member that will help them get in touch with male and female energies in their own body. Tantra is very powerful at helping anyone to become more familiar, more comfortable, more harmonic with male-female polarities.


I hope that helps in some way. More information is available in the free video posted above.


(CLICK HERE If you want more info, or to take the course yourself)

I’ll speak with you again soon. 🙂



Depression Sux: An Oriental Medicine Perspective

It is estimated that at least ten percent of the population in America, Australia and the United Kingdom are depressed and currently taking medications. It is also now estimated that over two million children in the United States alone, aged between four and fourteen are taking medications related to depression. 

If the best of pharmacology, technology and modern medicine was working, why are the numbers of prescriptions and people being diagnosed continuing to rise?

Medical pharmacology in the field psychiatry has only been around since the 1960’s whereas Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for over 2000 years. This makes Traditional Chinese medicine one of the most field-tested medicines on the planet. Because of this, it has a lot to offer in the treatment and understanding mind-body medicine, psychology and depression.

When I began my formal studies in Chinese medicine, light bulbs started to go off in my mind. While I had experienced depression myself for many years beforehand, it was only from studying the medical texts in Chinese medicine did the early signs and effective treatment of mild to moderate depression start to make sense. Since then, I have been on a quest to test, observe, research and now share the core message found in Chinese medicine in relation to depression.

My next book “Depression Sux: Understanding & Clearing Depression Using the Principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine” is set to be released November 2017 on Amazon.

Keep an eye out for it and be sure to sign up and connect to stay informed.


This book brings a new (and old) look into the root causes of mild to moderate depression and how to treat it in a way that is healthy, supportive and holistic.



How to Strengthen the Human Energy Field

The general rule here is to surround yourself with at least 80% of those things that support life into our daily life and reduce or avoid those things that cause stress or harm the human energy field.

To help give you a better understanding of this, I have created a list below that outlines those things that tend to weaken the energy field and those things that support or uplift it.

Harms Life Energy

General Attitudes

I win, you lose.

I want… I deserve….

I am better than…

Us vs. Them

They did this to me.

Why me? Poor me.

I give up. I can’t be bothered.

I could never do that.

Whining, complaining.

Impatient, intolerant, fearful, greedy



Demanding, manipulative, exploitative, disempowering, controlling, violent, abusive, dishonest



Rap, heavy metal, death metal, R&B, most pop music, most club dance music, some electronic



Horror, most action, revenge plots, anything that glorifies crime


TV Shows

Sitcoms, reality TV, commercial TV, news



Boxing, fighting, animal fighting, hunting



Packaged and processed foods, sugars, alcohol


Self Care / Hygiene

Chemical deodorants and perfumes, chemical toothpaste, chemical shampoos, hair spray, home and car deodorizers,



Addictions – gambling, drugs, alcohol, sex, power, drama, talking, food, shopping, video games


Supports Life Energy

General Attitudes

Let’s work together.

How can I help?

We are all different and there is no better than…

Somehow, I created this situation and I will take steps to change it.

There must be a better solution.

Let’s try again.

Appreciation, gratitude

Calm, patient



Supportive, honest, caring, good communication, generous, loving, giving, thoughtful, considerate, appreciative, inspiring



Acoustic, classical, folk, ambient, most easy listening, jazz, world music, happy go lucky



Most drama, nature, some documentaries, musical, comedy, some fantasy, some kids


TV Shows

Inspiring, some comedy, educational, some sports, cooking without competition



Soccer, golf, most martial arts, gym, walking, running, Olympics



Home cooked meals, fruits, vegetables, water, tea


Self Care / Hygiene

Natural soaps, essential oils, organic and natural shampoos, generally least amount of chemicals in products, tea tree, eucalyptus



Able to change and adapt without losing the balance of their mind. Lets go of trying to control others and life


I have seen many people (mainly health fanatics and natural therapists) go into a type of hysteria regarding this as they create so much anxiety and stress around trying to constantly avoid certain environments, foods, or things that may be harmful. The truth is that sometimes these things are unavoidable because we cannot control our environment 100% of the time, so sometimes we will be faced with it. So when we are, don’t lose the balance of your mind by creating stress and anxiety around it. Just accept it for now, keep calm, and when it changes, just move on with a smile. If you lose the balance of the mind and become very anxious about this, often, this causes more stress on your system than the actual environment itself.

Another exception to the general rule is that when any being reaches a highly evolved state of consciousness, they tend to transcend all the negative (and positive) effects of the external environment they are in because it appears that the external world has lost any power over them. Therefore, for these highly evolved beings, eating a McDonald’s Big Mac burger while listening to heavy metal music will probably have no ill effect on them.

The most powerful suggestion from the list that helps build up peoples’ life force is to take up some kind of regular martial arts or yoga practice. The martial arts most recommended are Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido or any martial art that acknowledges the human spirit and the existence of “Qi” or “Ki”. This kind of training will strengthen and ground the body, improve physical and psychological balance, and increase our sensitivity to our life force wisdom. For yoga, I would generally steer away from schools like Bikram and suggest studying less commercialised schools and styles such as Jivamukti, Yin yoga, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Oki-Do, Yoga in Daily life, Hatha, and Kundalini.


Any questions, let me know! 🙂

Silence Is Also Conversation

Silence is one of the best & clearest conversations you can have with anybody.


Speech comes from the head and tends to be clumsy. Yet, when you look someone in the eye, and they hold your gaze and are comfortable being silent with you – this is where true connection and conversation can occur.

(This is also one of the quickest ways to identify a soul-to-soul connection.)

Today, during one of your many conversations, when the conversation comes to an end or a still point, don’t try to fill it with more speech. Instead, be quiet and see what happens.

If they relax into being quiet with you, see how long you can be quiet together. 


Silence is also conversation. ~ Ramana Maharshi



It’s OK to Feel Negative Emotions…


It’s OK to feel anger, sadness, fear, anxiety and similar negative feelings from time to time. It’s part of the human condition.

The problems kick in when we prolong the amount of time we spend in these states. In psychology, they call it “rumination.”

Fortunately, as conscious beings, we have the ability to move through and out of these negative states when they have run themselves through. We can use observation without reaction, we can re-frame, distract or move into actions (exercise, hobbies, etc.) that uplift our moods and help us to come out of negative rumination.

Unfortunately, a majority of our social scripts, from news media, TV dramas, and adult conversations are focused on placing continuous attention on these negative states which tend to prolong them into unbalanced and unhealthy psychological territory. (Feeling good and happy doesn’t seem to produce as much drama.)

Overall, it’s ok to feel off every now and then. It’s normal and it’s healthy. However, we must be wise enough to realize that we have the capacity and power to move through and let go of negative states and into more beneficial states when the time comes.

And, it has nothing to do with outside conditions like the state of the Government. If you expect Governments to make you feel better and fix all your problems, it’s never going to happen. Do not give your power away to outside conditions. Own it.


Not only will people around you benefit from your lack of “rumination,” but you yourself will benefit greatly from owning your own shit and consciously, actively, transforming it into Gold.


The Beauty of Morning Practice

Do you have a morning practice?

Why? Why not?

I’ve always been a big fan of mornings. They seem to have a clear and majestic feel to them. And, over the years, I have found that having a morning practice sets the “tone” for the day ahead.

Now, before I explain the details of my morning practice, I want to say 99.999% of humans are morning people, or “diurnal”, which is the fancy biological name for daylight creatures.

We are biologically wired to be daytime creatures – it has little to do with personality or psychology. It has everything to do with biology.

As soon as the sunlight hits our eyes and bounces around our brains, it triggers one of the most powerful glands in our system, the pineal gland, which floods our system with chemistry for awake, conscious, activated living.

These chemical systems trigger rhythms in our physiology. Our brain waves, our heart rate, and our breath respond to daylight and the lack thereof.

If you were to dig into the health of any long-term shift worker and people who stubbornly work against daylight living, I bet they have a smorgasbord of complicated health related conditions from anxiety, to insomnia to blood pressure issues and everything in-between. And most, if not all, of these health related conditions are largely contributed by their going “against the grain” of their natural biological systems.

It is ok to have a late night every now and then or have a phase when you go out of sync for a while; however, I would never advise living a night focused lifestyle for longer than a few months at a time, because after just a few months, things will usually go out of sync.


If one comes to be naturally waking early in the mornings, it is usually a sign of good health, good internal chemistry, and good internal biorhythms.


What happens to us when we sleep is another, somewhat complicated story. However, I will just summarise a few main points here. Each night when we sleep, we leave the body and enter the energetic realms. In these energetic realms, we can travel and receive insights and vast amounts of information. Many sources say we receive a “download” from our soul each night we successfully enter these energy realms.

So, when we come to wake into conscious awareness each morning, we are in a state of transferring the information and insights from the energy world into the physical world and throughout all the cells in our bodies.

Each morning when we wake, we move through an “afterglow” state as we transition from the energetic realms to the physical realms.  This “afterglow” is a similar state that every newborn baby experiences.


And, like a newborn baby, how would we treat it and nurture it as it enters this world?

With news reports of terrorism and homicides? With alcohol and drug use? With loud noises and arguments? Would we thrust a newborn baby into the rush hour of an urban environment first thing out of the womb?

Of course not.

Any sane person would provide a gentle, nurturing and quiet space for a newborn baby to feel safe and at ease. A safe, nurturing and quiet environment allows a new born baby to relax, play, grow and develop at their own pace.

This is the same approach we should take with ourselves each morning when we wake. Be gentle with yourself.  Slowly and caringly welcome yourself into your body and into the new day.

Listen to gentle, loving music. Take your time. Meditate, do yoga stretches, read some inspirational works, use affirmation, and even say a prayer. Treat yourself to a healthy and nutritious breakfast. When eating, eat mindfully. Minimise talking for the first hour and avoid the news or anything that may generate stress or unnecessary tension.

There is plenty of time left in the day for stress if you still crave it, so why burden your mornings with it?


Over the years, I have always had a morning practice that usually involves meditation and listening to music.

This is my current morning practice, which take around 10 minutes:

Current music choice: Snatnum Kaur channel on Pandora.

1. Nadi Shodhana Breathing for 5 minutes (single nostril breathing)


Breathing is, by far, the fastest way to adjust your chemistry and balance the nervous system. Learning to work with breath is essential for anyone interested in enhanced health and wellbeing.

2. Sound work – Chanting “A-O-M” at least 7 times.

Sound is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. A-O-M touches each of the fundamental tones that the universe resonates at. Activating these tones, helps to bring your own vibration into alignment, relaxes tissues in the body, warms up the vocal chords, and enhances the depth of breath. It is also amazing at “nulling” the mind into pure vibration.

3. Hands into prayer – 3 x Thank You

This sets up the energy field of gratitude, which is another powerful vibration to set yourself on.

  • The first thank you is for something very simple – like, thank you for the bed I slept in last night, the shelter over my head, the wind on my face, the warm clothes I have on.
  • The second thank you is for the life force that courses its way through my body and being. I become aware of the blood and energy flowing through my body and system, and I give tanks for such a gift of life.
  • The third thank you is for having such an awesome day. With this thank you, I get into the feeling of having a great day, making new friends, having a good flow of events, and being productive. I give thanks in a way that allows me to feel like it is inevitable.

After that, I bow and relax my posture and practice.


This 3-stage morning practice takes around 10 minutes. I seem to adjust my practice a little every few months as things shift, yet I rarely miss a day, and the average time for this practice can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes.


What does your morning practice look like?



What is E.F.T.?

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E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a form of mind + body + energy psychotherapy.

Traditional psychotherapy focuses on the mental layer and uses talk therapy primarily. Whereas the E.F.T. approach uses talk therapy while also working on the physical and energetic layers at the same time because an E.F.T. therapist sees them as intrinsically connected. We can access the extra layers of the mind, the physical and energy bodies by working with the acupuncture meridian system.

Acupuncture points are little pools of accumulated energy that are located on the meridians that run throughout the body. The meridians are described like rivers that distribute energy and life force around the body. In Chinese medicine they are called meridians, and in the yoga’s of India, they call them nadi’s.

With E.F.T., we can trigger healing by tapping on the acupuncture points which triggers a flush of energy and blood throughout the meridian system.

What makes E.F.T. unique compared to acupuncture or other energy medicine techniques, is that it has a conscious mental/emotional component added. Therefore making it potentially an effective treatment in a counseling and psychological context.

When a stressful state occurs in the body due to a traumatic event, the bodies energy systems can easily become “programmed” into a stressful state. So when the thought of that traumatic even is brought up again in the present, the body returns to that same programmed state. That’s why when we think of a past trauma, we instantly re-live that same stressful feeling.

Talking about a trauma, without addressing the underlying physical and energetic imbalance in the system, is often unfruitful and progress is slow.

However, if we address the physical and energetic imbalance in the meridians that is related to the traumatic event as soon as possible, the emotional intensity of that stressed state tends to dissolve and all associated unpleasant feelings, emotions and negative thoughts tend to disappear very quickly!

How does this happen?

  1. Firstly, we bring to mind a stressful thought or feeling which will quickly trigger an unpleasant energetic state in our body and meridian system.
  2. Then, we acknowledge the unpleasantness, and start to tap on the key acupuncture points.
  3. Then, we use some very focused words and sentences while we tap on the acupuncture points to help dissolve it and clear it from our system. (A trained therapist, like myself, can help you with this.)

What we find is that after following this procedure over a number of minutes, the intensity of stress around the stressful thoughts or the past traumatic event dissipate dramatically. In some cases all emotional intensity around the event dissolve completely, right there and then.

When we tap on the acupuncture points while holding a trauma in mind we are stimulating and re-organizing the meridians system to restore energetic balance, therefore “snapping it out” of its unbalanced, stressful program. After a series of sessions working with the E.F.T. technique, it has been found that same person brings to mind the previous traumatic event, there remains little to no emotional intensity or stress around that event.

This approach has been found to be very effective when working with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Body aches and pains that are still present after traditional medical testing and treatment have not provided relief


If you want to see if E.F.T. can help you, please book in a 30min Free Clarity Call with me by clicking here.


Here is a great video about E.F.T.

Speak soon 🙂