You have come up as being in a relatively balanced state of Yin and Yang. It is quite a rare thing, so well done!
Generally, I would say to keep doing whatever it is you are doing, you are on a good wicket.

You can always take it further by committing to a more serious mediation practice because you are probably ripe for it. Remember to continue to surround yourself with natural beauty, keep the exercise going to keep your body flowing and keep yourself connected to your passions and inspirations as they will carry you through.

The ancient Taoist and Zen masters spoke a lot about two kinds of mind. The intuitive mind and the rational mind. They encouraged to let go of the rational mind and remain true only to the intuitive mind. When we align with the intuitive mind, life unfolds spontaneously without the need to plan, organise or control.

Good luck and may we all walk our true path!

Yin and Yang


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