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Yoga Nidra

25mins (right click, save as…) to download

A meditation that involves lying down and being all comfy and warm. What makes Yoga Nidra unique is the sequential order of instructions and a body scan near the beginning of the practice. Headphones and eye pillows are recommended but not necessary.

Binaural Beats

30mins (right click, save as…) to download

Binaural beats are a kind of audio technology that was initially developed in the 1970’s. It involves wearing headphones and listening to an ambient soundscape for around 20-30mintues. What the audio engineers design into the soundscapes are different sine wave frequencies sent into each ear. The brain waves of the listener then organize themselves into a new pattern, this is called “entrainment” or put simply, the syncing up with frequencies in the environment, which is a natural phenomenon. Therefore, with binaural beats we can direct the brain into medative brain wave states such as Alpha waves. It all sounds a bit evil scientisty but I can assure you that it is a very safe, relaxing and beneficial practice. I personally have generated my own 30min binarual beats audio to trigger Alpha brain waves in the listener. Headphones are required.

Gong Sounds

60min (right click, save as…) to download

There is no instruction, just an audio recording of a gong every 10minutes, for 60 minutes in total. The gong sound is very effective at shocking and dissolving mental activity and it also helps you to keep track of time. In deep meditational states, clock time often dissolves and therefore sometimes external triggers like this can be helpful.

40 min Gentle Yoga Class for the Shoulders

(right click, save as… to download)

This link is of an audio download of a 40min gentle yoga and Feldenkrais style class designed specifically for releasing the shoulders. It has been designed and instructed in such a way that you need no visual cues. Feldenkrais style emphasizes that we need not go to 100% of our capacity, instead only 70-80% of our capacity can be more helpful and joyful in the long run. Try it for yourself.

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