8 Tips to Flow with the Energy of Spring

In Taoist philosophy, time and energy is seen as being cyclic in nature. Therefore everything, which encompasses our material world, our thoughts, our emotions and everything in between, is understood to always be constantly moving and changing. Resisting this changing phenomenon tends only to generate tension and anxiety which takes us away from our being able to experience any peace or harmony with ourselves and within the universe. Fortunately, one of the easiest and most effective ways to get into the flow of things is to sync up our lifestyles with the flow of these changing seasons. With repeated practice of shifting with the seasons, wisdom naturally arises which allows us to let go of resistances to change, and in doing so, life tends to unfold more smoothly and joyfully. Spring, in the 5–element theory found in Oriental medicine, is related to the liver and gallbladder with the element being wood. The main keywords for spring are: growth, expansion, flexibility, focus, clarity and the colour green.

1. Allow your energy to expand through movement.

Now is a good time to take up a new movement class or recommence your preferred movement practice. Most recommended are Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga or Martial Arts. Dancing, running, swimming and walking are all great too.


2. Launch into new projects.

Now is a great time to start a new business, a new project or take action on something you’ve been cooking on for sometime. It may also be a good time to move on from a job or a relationship that doesn’t support your vision.


3. Support the liver in the detox process.

Lemon water, milk thistle and dandelion root are all great liver supporters (e.g., Liver Tonic by Fusion Health). Eating lighter foods and avoiding heavy greasy foods will also reduce the burden on the liver. If you wake up in the mornings like a rock, have vision problems, have sluggish digestion or get frustrated and irritated easily, these are all signs the liver is a bit clogged up and getting angry.


4. Eat plenty of green foods.

Make friends with the colour green. Spend more time in nature.


5. De-clutter your lifestyle and your mind by ruthlessly removing (letting go of) the non-essentials.peace quote

Take some time out to really get clear on your direction and vision. Then get rid of all those things that clutter or distract you from this path. This is “spring cleaning”.


6. Stretch the body regularly.

Especially side bends, wide legged forward bends, twists and eye exercises.


7. A little later to bed than in winter and rise with the sun.

Establish a morning practice like meditation, walking, stretching that help you to plug into yourself (coming back to earth from the dream world) and plugging into the universal Qi field.


8. Liver energy is about intuition and is strongly connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra (self identity/self esteem/confidence) and the third eye (vision, intuition).

Let go of over-thinking, follow your inner feelings/visions and allow yourself to be spontaneous.

“Follow your own weird.” ~ Alan Watts


Acupoints to massage, tap and stimulate:

Liv 3

Liv 5

Liv 14

GB 34

GB 21

GB 14

GB 8

Bl 2

Bl 18

SJ 5

LI 11


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