5 Signs That You’re Generally Healthy

Today, I wanted to write about some simple ways you can know if you’re generally healthy. Having some fundamental health perimeters in place can help you recognize when your system is going out of balance, and help you avoid complicated disease will crop up if left unawares.

Below are 5 ways to determine if your health is on track.

1. You have a bowel movement every single day

For 80-90% of the population, having a bowel movement every day is a good sign that your metabolism is functioning well. If you are having a bowel movement early in the mornings and/or at a regular time every day, this is an even better sign. Our bowel movements are one of the key observances we can use as an indicator of our internal health.

Ideally, a bowel movement should be easy to pass, fairly solid, brown in color, and the smell should not peel the paint off the walls. If any of these are occur and remain for extended periods, it is probably a good idea to seek support from your preferred health practitioner.

2. You don’t need to use lip balm or moisturizer

If you don’t need to use lip balm or skin moisturizer all the time, it’s a good sign your body has enough fluid and natural oils to regulate itself. Ongoing dry lips and skin are an indication that you aren’t drinking enough water, or your body can’t metabolize the fluids coming in.

During winter months and in some dry places on the earth it may be necessary to apply extra moisturizer, however, it shouldn’t be required every day or all year around.

Having very hot showers every day can also strip away the natural oils on your skin, leaving your skin dehydrated. You can try turning down the temperature of your showers or having more cold showers (especially if you live in a hot country). Cold showers are one of the best things you can do to wake up your organs and increase blood circulation.

If you require moisturizer or lip balm every day, it is likely you are not drinking enough fluids or taking in enough healthy oils.

3. You have clear skin

Clear skin is a great sign that your organs of elimination are working well, and your hormones are likely well-balanced too. The skin tends to develop pimples, boils and rashes only when the lungs, intestines, kidneys, and liver are struggling to clear the backlog of toxins. Stagnation, due to a sheer lack of exercise and bodily movement plus life-work stress greatly contributes to a backlog of toxins in the body. If this is the case, a series of strong physical workouts or hot yoga classes will often kick the system back into gear and move stagnation through the system.

Also, relaxation techniques like Yoga Nidra or restorative yoga can help reduce the stress response hormones in the body, which will enable the organs to function better.

4. You wake up feeling well rested

There are so many people spurting out the number of hours required for a good night’s sleep. This is misleading. The kind of lifestyle you live determines how many hours of sleep will be ideal for you. Generally, the more meditative, relaxed, and natural your lifestyle is, the less sleep you will need. The more hectic, busy, and toxic your lifestyle, the more hours you will need.

Ideally, get to bed before 11 and wake early with the sun. If you wake up easily and spring out of bed, it’s a good sign your liver is happy. If you are slow to wake up and feel groggy even after lots of sleep, it’s not about getting more hours, it’s about cleaning your liver and boosting your organ function.

5. You don’t crave carbs or sugars

Sure, having a bit of chocolate or gobbling down a tasty, fried carb will happen from time to time, but if you crave it, and eat them every day, it’s a sign you have an underlying nutritional deficiency.

Usually, it’s due to a lack of proteins and quality oils being available as the primary fuel source for the body and brain. When the body and brain don’t have a fuel supply available, it will crave its fuel in its fastest and easiest form – sugars. From my clinical experience, this tends to be common amongst vegetarians because many don’t eat enough quality proteins to fulfil their body’s demands.

Alcoholism can be connected to a nutritional deficiency (B12) which drives the person to seek out ways to “plug” the anxiety which is stemming from the underlying deficiency. Marijuana and many other drugs can also be used to “plug” an underlying deficiency, albeit for a short time. This means many substance addictions may not be a psychological problem, but a nutritional one. Many people who struggle with substance addictions are likely to have been born with a nutritional deficiency (due to the mother having a deficiency) and therefore, for these people, nutrition and supplementation will be an important factor in their ongoing life and development.

As an experiment, for your next meal, eat a lot of quality proteins (vego or non vego), oils, and a solid hit green vegetables and notice how long it takes for you to crave sweets or carbs afterwards. (*Consult your preferred health practitioner for more support)


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