4 Myths About Intuition

1. Intuition is About Having Psychic Powers

I have noticed that a lot of books and articles that talk about intuition as having psychic abilities which involve seeing into the future.

To me, this is simply not true and not what intuition is about. Psychic abilities are something related to intuition but are not the intuition itself.

Intuition is not about seeing into the future or the past (which don’t really exist) it’s about being fully present and honouring the feelings and messages you get in the present.


>>> You don’t need to be psychic, you just need to be present. <<<



2. You Have to Visualize Lights and All Sorts of Things in Your Mind

Intuition comes from cleaning out all the imaginations, fantasies and clutter in the mind – not adding more to it.

While having wondrous and beautiful images in the mind sounds pleasant and may be pleasant to those people doing it for a few minutes, it just adds more content to the mind to chew on.

A better way to go about it, is to simply let all that stuff go, don’t “try” and do anything, don’t “try” and be intuitive or receive messages, just be open and allow it to happen without the “efforting.”


>>> Allow there to be space inside so that you can hear the messages clearly. Don’t clutter! <<<


Ram Dass Quote


3. Intuition Requires You to Focus Intensely on the Third Eye (Between the Eyebrows)

If intuition had a physical location then between the eyebrows would be it. But this does not mean you have to focus there to receive intuitive messages.

The very process of getting your mind and body in a receptive state is enough for the third eye to be automatically active of its own accord.

You don’t have to do anything special or undertake some mystical technique for the third eye to become active. Therefore, don’t worry about it or get caught up with the third eye teachings.


>>> It is more important to practice de-cluttering your mind so that space and the receptivity of body sensations is developed. <<<



4. Having Intuition Means that Your Life will Become Easy and No More Hard Work Will be Required

Having the ability to be intuitive can easily be over-glorified in the way that many people think that life will then become easy.

Insight comes when it comes, but for insight to be fully realized there may be many years of applied action ahead. It’s easy to have a vision of something grand and life-changing but it’s another thing to make it real.

Focus, wise action and perseverance will still be required to establish any real and lasting change.


>>> Sitting around talking about an intuitive insight or an idea for years without acting upon it is not true insight. <<<



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