10 Tips to Flow With the Energy of Summer

Summer in Oriental medicine is related to the heart and small intestine and belongs to the element of fire. It is the most “yang” time of year, meaning it has the most energy available to us. When the fire element is healthy and balanced we are enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, joyful, motivated, have a good digestive system (metabolism) and are big dreamers.

When the fire element is unbalanced and unhealthy it tends to lead to insomnia, anxiety problems, intolerance, poor digestion, body temperature irregularities, depression, lack of energy and the general loss of enthusiasm for life.

To help synchronise with the energy of Summer and the ongoing seasons, CLICK HERE to stay in touch with my upcoming yoga classes and workshops in Melbourne. However, until then, here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of this time of year.

1. Dare to dream big! – It’s the best time of year to really get your passions out there and aim for the stars.  Make big (yet flexible) plans of how you would like to contribute to this world and get behind it. Dreaming big like this can trigger powerful change – so be open to it.

2. It’s the festival and party season so get amongst it – It’s the best time of year to get out to at least a few festivals or events. Getting out there and connecting with others will help generate more energy and enthusiasm for your dreams and it also helps support the dreams of others.

3. Stay up late, wake up early – In summer, you can afford to stay up a little later than normal. There is plenty of energy around so we generally don’t need as much sleep as the other seasons. This is why it’s also a good time to party more, sleep less.

4. Rest in the middle of the day – 11am-1pm is heart time according the the Qi clock and also the hottest part of the day so it’s important to nourish the heart by resting during this period. A nice siesta will do the trick. Resting in the middle of the day will give you more energy for the mornings and evenings.

5. Keep cool, drink plenty of fluids and refrain from anger – It’s easy to get overheated in the midst of summer so it’s important to use the water element to tame down the fire. When there is too much fire it is also easy to come to anger easily – a sure sign there is too much heat in the body.

6. Soften the heart – The heart in Oriental medicine is connected directly to our spiritual essence. Allowing your heart space to soften, relax and flow will enhance your intuitive abilities. The heart is simple; the mind is complicated – learn to follow your heart for it will never lead you astray.

8. Eat less – The body generally doesn’t require as much food as the other seasons because it feeds on the energy in our environment. Therefore this is the best season to eat foods like salads and fruits, to keep things light and fresh. Avoid foods that are heavy, greasy and oily.

9. Get the arms moving – Both the heart and small intestine meridians flow down both arms. It helps to get the heart energy flowing by raising your arms and moving them about. You may notice that depressed and anxious people tend to keep their arms close to their bodies whereas confident and emotionally healthy people tend to express a lot using their arms and hands.

10. More hugs – Hugs are the ultimate expression of heart energy. Giving hugs opens the arms, opens the palms and creates a connection of heart centers for the exchange of energy. Be sure to give more hugs this season because it lifts people’s life force more powerfully than words.


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