10 Tips To Flow With The Energy of Spring

The element of Spring in Chinese medicine is Wood and the organs associated are the liver and gallbladder. The liver and gallbladder have a large influence over our physical health as well as our mental health. When our liver and gallbladder are happy and receiving enough chi and blood, we generally feel calm yet enthusiastic with the way life is unfolding. In spring, there is plenty of energy and inspiration around us to keep us motivated, therefore it’s a great time to launch into new projects and set new goals for the year ahead. When our liver and gallbladder are not receiving enough chi and blood they become unhappy and this often leads to feelings of frustration, irritability and rage (road rage is a good example). Sometimes there is a feeling of being stagnant, of not enjoying the way life is unfolding or not feeling like your life is flowing the way you would like it. Also, there may be a tendency to be indecisive and uncertain as this is one of the main psychological qualities of the gallbladder. On the physical level, digestion may be sluggish and/or there will be constipation, which are all signs the liver energy is not flowing properly. To regain balance or to enhance the liver and gallbladder function, try out these 10 Tips:

1. Wake a little earlier then usual.

The sun is rising much earlier and the day is warming up quickly so get up with the sun and take some time to do some exercise or meditation.

2. Drink lemon water on waking.

This flushes the liver and kicks it into wake up ad detox mode ready for the day ahead.

3. Engage in more dynamic movement.

Try participating in exercises a little more dynamically or try a new type of movement class out. The liver loves to move energy around the body, so let it! If you keep it happy, it will let you be happy.

4. Eat more salads and lighter meals.

Our body is in more of a detox mode during spring so don’t overburden it with heavy, oily foods that will clog up the system. Support the detox process.

5. Launch into new projects – set new goals.

Set goals but be flexible and adaptable with the way they unfold. What would you do if you knew there was no such thing as failure?

6. Stretch your body more!

The liver and Gallbladder govern your ligaments and tendons so twisting poses and side bends are ideal! Also give yin yoga a try, its powerful stuff.

7. Get out in nature.

Enjoy the sun, go camping and surround yourself with green!

8. Inspire others!

Seek out inspiring books, films and amazing people and get inspired about life. When you inspire yourself you will naturally inspire others!

9. Remember to take time out to nurture yourself.

Nourish yourself with regular swims in the ocean. Take time out to be alone or try laying down, on the floor, bed or on your yoga mat, eyes closed for 10 minutes in the middle of the day – watch the sensations in your body… just let things settle..

10. Be open and flexible to new ideas, new opportunities and new people.

It’s a creative and inspiring time so be open to change.


Ok, that’s it! I’m sure they will help you in some way. Feel free to forward these tips onto a friend. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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